Live Shellfish Display Units / Oyster Tanks

Aquacultural Equipment

The Mini Oceans Oyster Tank / Shellfish display is a practical convenient and highly visual way of displaying live oysters, mussels, clams and other shellfish.
Marketed live by Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs. These units are available for purchase or rental locally on a monthly basis.

'keeping them lively & fresh'

Mini Oceans
Designed and built in South Africa, based and improved on similar machines marketed in USA and Europe. Comprises a self contained commercial aquarium system designed for the medium term storage and display of live shellfish.

The unit consists of a moulded and insulated GRP casing, a sea water circulation pump and bacterial and carbon filtration systems. The unit is mounted on castors thereby rendering it fully mobile. The storage tank incorporates an automatic first-in, first-out batch control system attractively displaying and storing the live product for sale.

The Unit Properties:

Storage of live shellfish with minimum stock losses
Filtration system purges the product and removes parasitic and other organisms - Clean, fresh, live shellfish
No plumbing required
Operates off a std 15 amp 3 pin electrical plug - 220 volt supply
Basic, low cost maintenance required
Holding capacity - 300 medium - 500 cocktail oysters
Unit housing offers attractive advertising space


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